Man on man, for their square (Sicilian) slices alone – 5 stars.

Marissa C.


I can’t speak for the entire menu at Teresa’s but the pizza slices are amazing. They offer NY style and Chicago deep dish in both traditional pie form and sheet pizzas. I go in there once a week for a slice and a Snapple and I’m never disappointed. I especially like the white pizza, it’s amazing! They also have a litany of strombolis, a full salad bar, baked goods and a large selection of coffees. All in all this is a great little gem of a deli just a few steps down from my office.

Craig Turpin


My favorite on-the-go breakfast place in NYC! Everything is made fresh, the coffee is strong, and the staff HUSTLES! All of you 9 to 5ers know how important the hustle aspect is. In my opinion, Teresa’s offers the best Bacon and Egg sandwich in Manhattan. They also make a mean oatmeal w/ all the standard fixings. Teresa’s is an A+ in my book.

Andrew J.


Teresa’s is a great little sandwich bar that recently expanded into other foods to serve the midtown lunch crowd. Their wraps are top notch, and they’ve been serving them for years now. It’s hard to find decent pizza in midtown, but Teresa’s has done it. I highly recommend the pepperoni rolls and garlic knots, as well as the margarita pizza. Odd as it might sound, I really love their croutons in the salad….very buttery and delicious.

Bill B.


AWESOME breakfast place. Everything is good here, and it’s so cheap, e.g. $4 for burritos! The breakfast burritos and homemade yogurt are delicious, and the coffee is super good!

Christine S.


Stopped in here for a quick slice of pizza before our show at Radio City Music Hall (right down the street). The pizza was surprisingly good. The crust was very tasty–thin, airy and just a little crispy. The sauce and the cheese weren’t too overpowering, but still flavorful. I got a slice of the veggie topping pizza and wasn’t at all disappointed.

Jennifer K.


Stopped in today for a breakfast sandwich (ham, egg, cheese on a toasted bagel) and it was excellent.

Darien G.


Stopped by there last time when I was in NY to have lunch there and this time when I went I stopped by twice! Went there once for breakfast, had a bagel w/ sausage sandwich, and once for lunch. Pizza’s are really tasty (I’d pick Teresa’s pizza over Ray’s any day) and the garlic rolls are awesome as well. And considering its right next to Rockefeller you can get a slice or two to go and enjoy the scenery outside.

Thomas C.


I love love love their salads! Everything about it. Their fresh made rolls are delicious and a perfect compliment for my salad. I’ve been tempted by the other things when I walk in like the quesadillas, pizzas, sandwiches but the salad calls. Definitely recommend. Fresh, fast and friendly.

Meera S.


LOVE the pizza here at Teresa’s! Definitely better than most places recommended by Zagat’s or any other tourist book. I travel to NYC about once every 3-4 months and always make it a point to go to Teresa’s for some pizza.

Steve W.


I went in last week because I was feeling adventurous and wanted to see what I can get at a deli/pizzeria for a vegan diet…I wasn’t disappointed. They had the best grilled portobello and roasted red pepper sandwich I’ve ever had. Their dressing was to die for..and I almost did since I at the whole stacked sandwich.

Librado S.


Recently, I went back to Teresa’s and wow did the place look great. They expanded the entire store and added pizza ovens. I ordered the veggie pizza and I have to say it was excellent. The sauce was great the veggies were cook to perfection. I can’t wait to go back and try other varieties. The staff was very helpful and the deli girl made my iced coffee exactly to my liking. Oh, and I had a chocolate macaroon! To die for!

Dena F.